Race Nights

Race Nights are a form of entertainment where attendees guess what runner number they think will win on each race.
Race Nights are perfectly legal and no special licences are required if your Race Night is to raise money for a Charity or Cause.
If you have any questions about the legalities of Race Nights then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The Races
All our races are on DVD and the races are shown on big screen.
The attendees place their stakes (usually £1.00) on the number they will think will win on the corresponding race.
Once the betting desk is closed and only when it is closed is a race chosen at random by a member of the audience. This way no one in the room whatsoever will know what will win.
The race selected could be a Flat Race, Jump Race, Dog Race or even our Famous Afghan Hounds or Pig Races.
The people with the winning number collect the prize, which will be cash or if using Fun Money collect their Fun Money.
The way the Race Night payout is calculated is the winning prize pot is shared between the number of winners.

What’s provided.
All our packages that we supply are fully self contained.
We supply the Screen, Projector, PA System, Computerised Tote System and most importantly of all a professional compere.

The only thing you need to supply is 2 Betting Desk Staff and a Cash Float of around £70.00 in Pound Coins, 50p’s and 20p’s.

How much does an event cost?

The all inclusive fee for our Charity Race Nights are £210.00 for events within 50 mile radius of Manchester.
If your event is outside of 50 miles then a nominal fuel charge will be applicable.